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Causes and Elimination Methods of Rolling Bearing Heating Sep 20, 2017

(1) reason: low bearing precision method: choose the precision grade bearing.

(2) reason: spindle bending or box hole is not concentric. Method: repair spindle or box.

(3) reason: belt tight method: adjust the belt so that the tightness is appropriate.

(4) reason: bad lubrication method: select the specified grade of lubricating material and appropriate cleaning.

(5) reason: low assembly quality method: improve assembly quality.

(6): shell bearing: bearing replacement method of laps and wear parts.

(7) the axial force is too large: method of cleaning and adjusting the clearance of the sealing ring is required between 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, correcting the diameter of the balance hole of the impeller and checking the static balance value.

(8) bearing damage method: replace bearings.