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Motorized Linear Translation Stage Selection Guide Nov 20, 2017

The Widest Range of Precision Linear Stages Offered in the Industry

Motorized Linear Stages from Newport are designed and built using many decades of experience in providing solutions to many markets including research and academia, industrial, semiconductor, aerospace and defense. We also offer Nanopositioning Linear Stages based on piezo motor technology and Custom Multi-Axis Stack Solutions.


Motorized Linear Stage Basics

A motorized linear translation stage is used to precisely position an object along a single axis. Motorized linear stages include a moving platform and stationary base joined by a bearing system. Position is controlled electronically with the use of a motion controller. Motorized stages are preferred for high load/high speed applications, as well as applications where manual adjustment may be difficult. See Motion Basics and Standards for more information. We also offer Manual Linear Translation Stages that can be positioned using a micrometer head, adjustment screw or linear actuator.